DioGuardi and Dr. Repishti Letter to Prime Minister of Turkey


The Honorable Suleyman Demirel
Prime Minister
The Government of the Republic of Turkey
Ankara, Turkey

Dear Prime Minister:
April 29, 1992

The Albanian American Civic League presents its compliments to the Prime Minister of Turkey and wishes him complete success in his endeavor to direct the great nation of Turkey toward greater political and economic prosperity.

The Albanian American Civic League is also very pleased to see that, after 50 years of brutal communist dictatorship in the Republic of Albania, the ancient and courageous Albanian people are finally free of fear and, hopefully, will succeed to also be free of economic want. With theft own sweat and the help of friendly nations, such as Turkey, they will achieve theft goal.

Unfortunately, about 3 million Albanian presently living in what was once east Albania (Kosova, Macedonia, Montenégro, and Presheva in Serbia Proper) are still under the yoke of the local communist governments of Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Theft colonial position and their inhuman treatment have been denounced unanimously by almost every international human rights organization and government. More recently, the United States has taken a commendable attitude against the Serbo-Montenegrin-Macedonian repression of Albanians, and we sincerely hope that the Government of Turkey will not do any less.

Today, we would like to bring to the-Prime Minister?s attention the fact that Serbian Army trucks, tanks, airplanes, heavy artillery and large army units are positioned for an assault on the defenseless Albanian population of Kosova. We have witnessed similar tactics before, as they were used against Croatia first, and now against Bosnia-Herzegovinia whose local Moslem population is being slaughtered mercilessly. In Kosova, Serbian snipers belonging to Serbian terrorist gangs are practicing at shooting the civilians from tall hotel and government buildings of the Kosova towns. Lists of Albanian intellectuals to be eliminated are being made. Serbian families are being evacuated to avoid casualties among them. Everything points to an impending Serbian massacre in Kosova, where the defenseless Albanian population will be the sacrificial lamb of Serbia’s aggressive chauvinism.

Unless there is an immediate, vigorous and resolute intervention of the European Community-United States, of the CSCE mechanism, and the UN to stop the march of the ultra nationalist and communist dominated armies of Serbia and Montenegro, Europe and the entire world will soon be faced with a tragedy that will dwarf the present kiffing in Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

It is for this compelling reason that we appeal to you, Mr. Prime Minister, hoping that you will devote your attention to this problem, and in concert with other peace-loving nations, you will take all the necessary steps to prevent the impending assault on the unarmed Albanian population in Kosova.


Hon. Joseph J. DioGuardi President
Member of Congress, 1985-88


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